About On-Spot Enterprises

On-Spot Enterprises is a small size media group with headquarter in Virginia – United States. The group was founded in 2006 through the merge of several companies: The record Label “Arusa Music Entertainment”, the movie production company “Leon Entertainment“, the Billboard Adverstising company “On-Spot Billboard” and the Publishing company “MEME2 Publishing”.

Around 2008, On-Spot Enterprises extended his activities with an involvement onto various B2B business model around the world. The company offers the talent of his executive staffs and his network to assist various companies and entrepreneurs around the world to connect towards, the sport, music, movie and IT.

Created by Rod-Robert-Rene-Reagan the group combines broad read with will well-positioned nation and international business. Today the group has operations in media, entertainment, sport, IT, B2B business and Government suppliers.

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